Taiwan 2018 #TaiwanItThatWay

With its unique fusion of cultures, breathtaking scenery, diverse cuisine, exciting city life and well-developed hospitality industry, Taiwan is an ideal destination for many types of travelers. Taiwan is renowned for its fascinating blend of traditional and modern culture. To showcase the nation’s history and cultural diversity, museums have been established across Taiwan, including National Palace Museum, National Taiwan Museum and National Museum of History. Traditional architecture abounds, not only in the country’s magnificent temples, but also in the many old structures that have been revitalized for use as community centers, cafes, stores and other public spaces.

In April 2018, ESCalma and CTRL Construction employees were given the opportunity to visit and experience Taiwan. Among the travel goals for the three –day vacation was:

to visit the Longshang Temple, Chiang Kaishek Memorial Hall, Taipei 101, Taiwan Tea Shop for tea tasting, Chiufen Village, Shifen Waterfall, Pingxi Sky Lantern Releasing, Vigor Kobo Pineapple cake Free DIY, and Huashan Creative Park.

Lunch and dinner at local cafes and restaurants is as interesting as the temples and parks as ESCalma employees got a glimpse of the local cuisine. Free time were given to employees to do their shopping and to meet locals as well. Local cats and dogs greeted the employees at some shops which were cared for by the locals.

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